Crane Spare Parts

Lioncorp-parts specialise in supplying a complete range of parts for mobile cranes, including:

Coles crane spare parts
Grove crane spare parts
Jones crane spare parts
Krupp crane spare parts
Potain spare parts

We are able to supply you with a wide range of parts including alternators and starter motors, axles, bearings, belts, braking parts, chains, clutches, compressors, electrical parts, engines, engine parts, hydraulic pumps, injectors and injection equipment, repair kits, ropes, seals, steering parts, suspension parts, turbochargers and valves for older and modern vehicle types.

We can offer competitive prices for the parts to suit the major components in your equipment, such as Cummins or Perkins engines or Clark transmissions.  We also supply parts from a number of leading brands such as Atlas Copco, Bendix, Bosch, Delco Remy, Eaton, Holset, Kessler and Wabco. 

We have extensive expertise in supplying parts for the following:

Axles Clark, Eaton, Kessler, Kirkstall, Rockwell, Soma
Bearings FAG, Koyo, NTN, SKF, Timken
Engines Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Deutz, Leyland, MAN, Mercedes, Perkins, Scania, Volvo Penta
Filters Donaldson, Fleetguard
Pumps Commercial, Hamworthy, Parker, Vickers
Transmissions Allison, Clark, Dana, Funk, Twin Disc, ZF

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Access, RH console Check, outrigger cylinder Fifth wheel Jack, outrigger Positive swing lock Supply, pressure and return
Acoustics Clearance and marker lights Filter Jib Power brake and master cylinder Support, telescope cylinders
Actuator, hydraulic - air Clutch lubrication and oil check points Flashers, exterior light Jib carrier Pressure protection, air line Swing
Adapter, pump drive steer Collector ring Flashers, exterior light Jib protection bar Pressure regulator Swing bearing
Air 4-way, transmission air cylinder Column, steering Floats outrigger Junction box Pressure regulator, outrigger Swing box, hydraulic disc
Air cleaner Compressor pulley, air Floodlight Kit Pressure regulator, torque converter Swing box, mechanical
Air conditioning Compressor, air Floor mat Kruger system Pressure, transmission Swing brake
Air dryers Compressor, air conditioning Flow divider Lever, brake Pulley compressor Swing pinion
Air filter Condenser, air conditioning Fly section Lever, shift Pulley, cable, sheave wheel Swing warning
Air hoist Connector panel engine Fly telescope cylinder Lever, sight bubble Pump Switch
Air lines and fittings, cab Connector panel fuse Fog and drive lights LH console front Pump drive adapter Switch console hoist speed
Air reservoir Console gauges and bulbs Follower Lift Quick start Switch remote, pump disconnect
Air tank Control - auxiliary hoist Fuel filter Lift cylinder Radiator Swivel
Air throttle brake Control - fly telescope Fuel heater Lift cylinder holding valve Range shift Tachometer
Air, air tank lines Control - inner mid telescope Fuse panel Light and buzzer, anti two-block Rear axle lockout override Tank
Air, air transmission Control - main hoist Gauge, cab console Limit, anti two-block Rear axle oscillation lockout Telescope cylinder
Alarm back up Control - outer mid telescope Glass, cab Load moment indicator Rear outrigger Telescope cylinder holding valve
Alternator Control - rear steer Governor Lock, door Rear steer Temperature switch oil cooler
Alternator pulley Control - swing Guard Lock, swing, house lock Rear wheel alignment Thermometer, hydraulic reservoir
Amber turn signal Control handle lockout Handle level, skylight Lock, turntable Reel, anti two-block Throttle
Anti two-block Control level lockout Handle Lockout cylinder Reel, hose Throttle control
Axle Control valve Harness Lockout oscillation axle Relay, horn Throttle hand control
Axle locking override Control valve bank Head auxiliary, rooster sheave Lockout valve Relief, control valve Throttle pedal
Axle lockout Control valve pressure check Head lamp Low pressure air reservoir, superstructure Reservoir, air Tie down, hook block
Axle oscillation lockout, rear Control, front console Headache ball, boom Lower, turntable to lift cylinder Reservoir, hydraulic Tires
Backup alarm Control, heater, defroster Heater Manifold, hydraulic RH console front Toolbox
Base section Converter, torque Heater oil pan Manifold, hydraulic boom Rim, tire Torque converter
Battery Cooler oil, hydraulic Heater, cab Master cylinder Rod control, cab floor to console Tow winch
Battery box Counterbalance valve Heater, engine block Mirror, rear view, cab Rod, control, cab floor Transmission
Beacon rotation Counterweight Hoist Mirror, rear view, outrigger Rod, tie Transmission air cylinder
Beacon, rotating light Coupling, steer pump Hoist rotation Motor Roller Transmission and torque converter, chassis
Bearing, swing Cover Hoist selector Motor, orbit Rooster sheave Transmission and torque converter, superstructure
Bearing, turntable Cradle, fifth wheel Hoist selector valve Mount, engine Rooster sheave, auxiliary boom head Transmission assembly
Bell crank, control handle Cylinder Hoist speed selector Mount, shock Rope, wire Transmission control
Belt, seat Decals, total machine Holding valve Mud flaps Sender Transmission pressure switch
Belts, engine Defroster Holding valve, boom telescope Muffler Sequence valve Transmission range shift
Boom Differential, axle Holding valve, lift cylinder Muffler guard Sequence valve, in-line outrigger Tubing, air lines
Boom angle, pendulum Disconnect, torque converter Holding valve, outrigger cylinder Neutral safety, transmission Service brake Tubing, hoist hydraulic
Boom extension Dome Hood, engine Oil cooler Shaft Turn signal
Boom lift Door Hook block Oil cooler motor Sheave Tyre inflation
Boom nose Double crossover relief valve Hook block, boom Oil filter Shift Upper, boom to lift cylinder
Boom pivot Drive line Hook pintle Oil pressure gauge Shift lever Valve
Boom retraction Emergency steer pump Horn Orbit motor Shift lever, transmission Valve, control valve bank
Boom telescope Electrical system, carrier Horn Relay Orbit motor, swing Shuttle valve, air line Washer wiper
Boom telescope cylinder Electrical system, superstructure Hose and fittings Orbit, swing Slip ring, electric Water temperature gauge
Box Element Hose reel Orbital steering Solenoid relay, power brake Wear pads, boom
Brake Emergency steer pump Hose, radiator Outer mid telescope cylinder Solenoid valve, rear axle lockout Wear pads, outrigger
Brake lines Engagement, main Hour meter Outrigger Solenoid, free swing/non free swing Wear, boom
Brake master Engine emergency stop House lock, positive swing lock Outrigger control Solenoid, outrigger control Wear, outrigger
Bubble, sight level Engine hood Hub, wheel Outrigger control, 4-stack Solenoid, outrigger selector Weighload, electronic boom angle
Buzzer, warning Ether start kit Hydraulic motor Outrigger floats Speed reducer Wheel, brake
Cab interior Exhaust system Hydraulic pump Overcenter valve, lift cylinder Spring brake control Wheel, fifth
Cable Extension carrier Hydraulic reservoir Pads Starter motor Wheels
Cam, actuating, swing warning Extension cylinder check valve Hydraulic schematic Panel, hydraulic test Starting kit Winch, hoist
Cap, radiator Extension cylinder, outrigger Hydraulic swivel Park brake, push-pull Steer cylinder Windshield washer
Carrier, jib Extension, outrigger Ignition and start Parking brake Steer pump Windshield wiper
Control, lift Extinguisher, fire Indicator PAT system Steer pump adapter Wire rope
Charging pumps, torque converter Fan, defroster Inner mid telescope Pedal Steering column Wiring
Charging, torque converter Fan, oil cooler Jack cylinder check valve Pinion, swing Steering control Wiring diagram
Check, air hydraulic brake actuator Fenders Jack cylinder, outrigger Pintle hook Strainer Work and spot lamps